Storm Goddess Altar Print

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- 5" x 7" print with a 7" x 9" archival pop-up cardboard easel

- Printed on Kodak Supra Endura Professional archival paper
- Easel is heavy weight black paper with a linen weave finish and gold foil detail
- Hand signed by visionary artist Beth Hansen

You've always loved the sound of thunder and the flash of lightening - the power of a torrent of rain fills you with excitement. Now you are ready to welcome that transformative power into your life, but something is missing.

She dances among the black rolling clouds weilding lightening with both hands. Unpredictable and electrifying, she brings sweet release to tension and heat, while gifting the earth with rain. The Storm Goddess Altar print comes in a black pop-up frame with gold foil accents. She is the warrior and the crone, and you welcome her dynamic magic!

This is a fine art photographic print from an original watercolor painting by visionary artist Beth Hansen. With her hair full of lightening bolts, the Storm Goddess is a fearless bringer of change. Beth blesses each print on her altar with reiki and goddess energy before sending it out to your home.

Are you prepared for dramatic transformation? Then get your altar ready to welcome the Storm Goddess! Elegantly framed in archival black card stock with golden foil accents, make this compelling art print the focal point for your most powerful workings.