Earth Mother Goddess Necklace

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Size: Goddess Cameo is 2" tall and 1" wide and you have a choice of

  • a 24" silver plated chain or
  • a double ribbon cord that's adjustable from 18 to 20 inches.

Material: Glass, miniature art print on paper, micro-pearl glitter, glaze, silver plated bezel

Today is Earth Day and you are getting ready to go out and about. Your wearing your favorite jeans and you've got your walking shoes on, you grab a wide brimmed hat to shade you for the sun. You are almost ready, you just need one finishing touch.

One accessory grounds you and celebrates the day. Glittering under glass with details in shades of green, the Earth Mother Goddess Necklace by Harmony Goddess is a symbol of growth and becoming - the perfect way to express your intention as a nature loving woman.

Most days you are stuck inside, staring at a computer screen. But today you break free from the mundane and celebrate your love of Mother Earth with this cameo portrait of her from Harmony Goddess. This Earth Mother is pregnant with possibilities and dressed in green to bless all growing things.

Shining with pearlescent glitter, it's a touch of magic to celebrate your love for the earth. This empowering pendant cameo has been lovingly crafted by Beth from a miniature art print of her original painting of the Earth Mother. Mounted in a silver plated bezel under a crystal clear glass cabochon, it has the perfect amount of sparkle and shine to enhance your magical nature.