Faerie of Moonlight Necklace

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Silver fairy necklace for
witches to charm & enchant

There is something magical about silver, in part because it has so much in common with moonlight. Silver is a wonderful conductor of energy, and so it makes an excellent element to make jewelry from.


• Artwork is a detailed miniature print by artist Beth Hansen on paper and is hand tinted with archival glitter gel pens.
• The Faerie Art cabochon is NOT waterproof and should not be submerged or worn in the shower.
• Jewelry should be treated gently and kept in a box when not being worn.

~ Height: 2 inches
~ Width: 1 inch
~ Glass Cabochon & art print size: 40mm x 30mm
~ Bezel material: silver plated metal

~ 24 inch Silver plated chain
~ Black double ribbon cord is adjustable between 18 and 20 inches
~ Brown double ribbon cord is adjustable between 18 and 20 inches

Embrace the magic of fairies with the light of the moon

Silver is a faerie favorite

The Faerie of Moonlight artwork is nestled in a bezel that is silver plated, and a silver plated chain is an option. Wearing silver is said to heal the aura of negative energy and calm the mind, which fairies and witches both use to their benefit.

The crescent moon soars across the sky

Whether you wear your necklace as a magical amulet or just love the moon, this beautiful purple miniature fairy art print adds just the right touch of fantasy to your day. Just as the moon transmits subtle energy across time and space, astrology links colors to different days of the week.

Both silver and purple are colors associated with Monday, or moon day if you prefer. Purple is also associated with the crown chakra, the energy center just above the head that connects with the divine. So go ahead and draw down the moon with a little help from this mystical faerie!

By the power of three so mote it be

Are your ready for the Faerie of Moonlight to bless you with her enchantment? It is a wonderous gift for yourself or for others. Along with her sisters the Faerie of Insight and the Faerie of the Green, they make up The Faerie Magic Collection.  The magic of the power of three makes them a great addition to any wiccan or pagan fantasy artwork collection.