Silver Faerie of Insight Necklace – handmade reiki pendant

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Carry Your

Open your third eye

Clear vision amplified by silver. Get ready to live a more intuitive life.


  •  Artwork is a detailed miniature print by artist Beth Hansen on paper and is hand tinted with archival glitter gel pens.

  • The Faerie Art cabochon is NOT waterproof and should not be submerged or worn in the shower.

  • Jewelry should be treated gently and kept in a box when not being worn.


  •  Size: 2 inches x  1 inch

  • Glass Cabochon & art print size: 40mm x 30mm

  • Bezel material: silver plated metal


  • 24 inch Silver plated chain

  • Black double ribbon cord is adjustable between 18 and 20 inches

  • Brown double ribbon cord is adjustable between 18 and 20 inches

Silver plated for pure intuition

Framed in a silver plated oval bezel, this miniature art print features the Faerie of Insight. Hand crafted with Reiki healing energy, fear and doubt are banished. Charged to purify and with the intention of clear seeing, silver is a proven conductor of energy.

Be grounded in your own magic

Painted on a Saturday to enhance the power of clarity and craft, the Faerie of Insight is your third eye at work. Both silver and gray are colors associated with the good people, and black represents hidden truth. It is in our hearts that we transform our thoughts into physical action to manifest our desires in the world. Go ahead and welcome this visionary magic into your heart and wear this silver gothic necklace throughout your day. She will surely help you on whatever your quest is.

Find your center

Though a storm may rage around you, your third eye keeps you safe and centered. Maybe this a gift you would like to share with others, trust your intuition and you will act for the best. United with her sisters the Faerie of the Green and the Faerie of Moonlight, they make up The Faerie Magic Collection.