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If you are looking for insight in understanding your life path, you are in the right place!

Every reading is a guide to creating your path, bringing together the past and the future into the present moment. The cards are the key to unlock your personal story, and as a reader I take that very seriously. It’s my job to make sure the story that the cards tell is told is the true one. My purpose as a reader is to help my clients make the best decisions for a healthy and happy life.

Portrait of Beth Hansen Holding Tarot Cards

During a reading, I use either the Tarot or Faeries Oracle deck to connect with the spiritual energy surrounding you and your current situation in life. You get to decide which deck I use, and I clear myself with Reiki to make sure that I interpret the cards as they come. I’ve been working with the tarot since 1994, and I can honestly say that the cards never lie.

Because I live way out in Minnesota farm country, all readings are given via Zoom. That way we can have that face to face interaction. I would love to work with you! 

Tarot Readings
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