Crystal Goddess Healer Necklace


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Feel the power of the Crystal Goddess in her role as gentle healer. This exotic, one of a kind statement necklace features a miniature art print hand tinted with glittering gel inks under a glass cabochon. Framed in hand sculpted polymer clay bezel, the shimmering rose quartz, pink, gray, and pearl toned clay shimmer with embedded mica powders, edges accented with silver acrylic. The hand formed bail features silver polymer clay curving rays that shift and move in the light. Smooth to the touch, the curves look 3D.

As a Reiki Master and artist, creating art and jewelry to empower the divine feminine in you is my true purpose. The Crystal Goddess represents the healing power of rose quartz crystal under a crescent moon. 
• Artwork is a detailed miniature print by artist Beth Hansen on paper and is hand tinted with archival glitter gel pens. Polymer clay surround is hand sculpted and one-of-a-kind
• The Goddess Art cabochon is NOT waterproof and should not be submerged or worn in the shower. 
• Fully cured polymer clay stays somewhat pliable, and becomes more so when warmed by being worn against the skin. Those with allergies to PVC should not wear polymer clay against bare skin.
• Jewelry should be treated gently and kept in a box when not being worn.

~ Height: 3 1/2 Inches
~ Width: 3 1/2 inches
~ Metal Color: Silver
~ Metal Type: Base metal
~ Chain length: 21 inches
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♥ Because the Goddess loves you and wants you to be happy.