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Faerie of Moonlight Altar Print – Make Magic with The Fae


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Magical Fairy Queen Art

For the lover of truly magical fantasy and faery art

Fine Art Photographic Print

  • From an original oil painting by Beth Hansen
  • Each print is Hand signed by the artist
  • Printed on Kodak Supra Endura Professional matte archival paper
  • Print size is 5″ x 7″ with a 1/4″ white border
  • Comes in a 7″ x 9″ archival pop-up cardboard easel
  • Easel is heavy weight Black paper with a linen weave finish and gold foil detail

Welcome the light of the moon into your heart

As the moon waxes and soars across the sky, you can draw down this energy into your heart. Created on a Monday – Moon Day – this work of fairy fantasy art fully captures the astrological power of light and intention. Go ahead and weave your spell with the magic of the Faerie and watch as your dream grows into fullness. Each day as your goal becomes more enlightened, be sure to give thanks the Faerie who led the way. You can double your magic when you give the gift of fairy light art to a friend.

Partner with the Fae to follow your bliss

Don’t be surprised if this initial spark inspires you to follow a new and more magical path. Remember the feeling of joy this energy creates in your heart. It takes an act of faith and just a little imagination to fully embrace the magical power of the waxing moon. But when you do, know that you have created room in your life to live your dream.

This altar print of magical moonlight is waiting for you

Ready for display in her pop-up cardboard frame, this fairy weaves her spell with the staff of the crescent moon leading the way. This is a fine art photographic reproduction from an original oil painting in deep purple and white, which comes hand signed by the artist. Perfect for any pagan or faerie lover to dive deep into the power of the light of the moon, let the Faerie Queen guide your steps

Get ready to make room on your altar for the Faerie of Moonlight to bless you with the light of the moon. Together with her sisters the Faerie of Insight and the Faerie of the Green, they harness the power of three to form The Faerie Magic Collection.  

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