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When You Need Some

Welcome to the Green Wood

The Faerie of the Green leaps into action surrounded by stalks and leaves. Adding this energy to your sacred space is like sprinkling the breath of Spring into your life.

Fine Art Photographic Print

  • From an original oil painting by Beth Hansen
  • Each print is Hand signed by the artist
  • Printed on Kodak Supra Endura Professional matte archival paper
  • Print size is 5″ x 7″ with a 1/4″ white border
  • Comes in a 7″ x 9″ archival pop-up cardboard easel
  • Easel is heavy weight Black paper with a linen weave finish and gold foil detail

Have faith that the actions you take are blessed and your magic will grow like a lush garden. Did your heart just leap for joy just a little? This is the gift of new growth, and it’s OK to get excited. Go ahead and smile, even giggle just a little, when you place Her on your altar. Expect your eyes to twinkle next time you see a new leaf unfold, because you’ll feel its essence in your heart.

Dare to dream of a window to Faerie Land

As the moon waxes and soars across the sky, you can draw down this energy into your heart. Created on a Monday – Moon Day – this work of fairy fantasy art fully captures the astrological power of light and intention. Go ahead and weave your spell with the magic of the Faerie and watch as your dream grows into fullness. Each day as your goal becomes more enlightened, be sure to give thanks the Faerie who led the way. You can double your magic when you give the gift of fairy light art to a friend.

Do not venture far without a guide

Before you step through that window, you must tether yourself to the earth. Remember that this Faerie brings great power in small doses, and you must become wise or you will lose yourself in the gloaming. Take a moment to breath deep and connect to Mother Earth and feel her energy flowing into you. Let her fill you until it overflows and cleanses you, taking all your negativity away and washing it back down into the Earth. Now that you are connected to the Great Mother, it’s safe to open the door to Faerie.

Bring the magic of the greenwood to your altar

If you’ve read this far it means you have heard the call of the Land of the Fae. Don’t be surprised if this initial spark inspires you to follow a new and more mystical path. Remember the feeling of joy this energy creates in your heart. Give yourself a hug and give the Good People thanks for opening up this portal to enchantment. But when you do, know that you have created room in your life to live your dream.

Get ready to make room on your altar for the Faerie of the Green to bless you with the light of the heart of Faerie. Together with her sisters the Faerie of Insight and the Faerie of the Moonlight, they harness the power of three to form The Faerie Magic Collection.  

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