Celtic Knotwork Gothic Fairy Necklace

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Practice the art of true knowing with the Faerie of Insight

When you hear the word fairy it automatically conjures up folk lore and stories told regarding the history of fairies in Ireland or Scottland. In your mind, you may picture a pendant ornamented with celtic knotwork made of old bone. This is the second sight that inspired this hand-crafted necklace, featuring the miniature print of the Faerie of Insight from an oil painting by Beth Hansen.


  • Artwork is a detailed miniature print by artist Beth Hansen on paper and is hand tinted with archival glitter gel pens.
  • Hand crafted pendant is made with polymer clay and acrylic paint
  • Pendant Size : 2 3/4 inches X 1 3/4 inch
  • Glass Cabochon & art print size: 40mm x 30mm
  • The Faerie Art cabochon is NOT waterproof and should not be submerged or worn in the shower.
  • Jewelry should be treated gently and kept in a box when not being worn.


    •  24 inch Silver plated chain

    • Black buni rubber cord is adjustable between 18 and 20 inches

    • Black double ribbon cord is adjustable between 18 and 20 inches

    • Brown double ribbon cord is adjustable between 18 and 20 inches

Seeing past, present, and future

Once you learn to see through your third eye, all of time and space is open for you to view. Let your light shine out and spark the vision of your path, the first step to a new and more intuitive way of being. Hold firm to the truth and you will weather any storm, in fact you will be propelled by it into a more powerful life. When your power comes from within, you control it, and your vision guides you.

A powerful talisman

Are your ready for the Faerie of Insight to guide you? Cast your circle and raise the energy to make this your personal power pendant. Along with her sisters the Faerie of Insight and the Faerie of Moonlight, they make up The Faerie Magic Collection.  Available in fine art prints as well as necklaces.