Celtic Knotwork Faerie of Moonlight hand crafted necklace

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Dreams come true with this Necklace

Dance by the light of a purple moon

Brightly woven flies the crescent moon

When you hear the word fairy it automatically conjures up Irish folk lore and stories of the Good Neighbors. You might even picture in your mind a clasp holding a tartan cloak ornamented with celtic knotwork. This is the vision that inspired this hand-crafted necklace, featuring the miniature print of the Faery of Moonlight


  •  Artwork is a detailed miniature print by artist Beth Hansen on paper and is hand tinted with archival glitter gel pens.

  • Hand crafted pendant is made with polymer clay and acrylic paint

  • The Faerie Art cabochon is NOT waterproof and should not be submerged or worn in the shower.

  • Jewelry should be treated gently and kept in a box when not being worn.

~ Height: 2 3/4 inches
~ Width: 1 3/4 inch
~ Glass Cabochon & art print size: 40mm x 30mm
~ Bezel material: polymer clay with acrylic paint

~ 24 inch Silver plated chain
~ Black buni rubber cord is adjustable between 18 and 24 inches
~ Black double ribbon cord is adjustable between 18 and 20 inches
~ Brown double ribbon cord is adjustable between 18 and 20 inches

Reflections of Moonlight

The glitter of micro powder and gel pens under the glass cabochon is accented by the slight shimmer of the bone colored clay. Up close you can see how magical this pendant truly is, and it’s completely hand made by Beth Hansen. A Reiki Master and artist, her vision, energy and intention went into this unique work of wearable art.

The polymer clay necklace has been imprinted with Celtic knotwork and features a swirl at the top. Fired in a small oven dedicated for polymer clay, this pendant is hand painted with acrylic paint before the clay has completely cooled. Using a soft cloth the artist wipes away excess paint, emphasizing the texture of the intricate knotwork on both the front and the back of this beautiful necklace.

An Empowering talisman

Are your ready for the Faerie of Moonlight to enchant you? It is a truly charming gift for yourself or for others. Along with her sisters the Faerie of Insight and the Faerie of the Green, they make up The Faerie Magic Collection.  A truly powerful set of hand crafted jewelry for witches and fairies alike.