Faerie of Moonlight Original Oil Painting

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The Magical Art of the

Fairies and witches, working together

Original fairy fantasy art by Beth Hansen

This oil painting was originally painted in 2004 as part of a series called the Seven Daily Sprites, and she was known then as the Monday Sprite. But faeries are liminal creatures and subject to change. After moving to her new studio, the artist discovered that three of these paintings had taken on a life of their own. With a burst of magic The Faerie of Moonlight was reborn. Sixteen years she has remained in the artist’s private collection, but she is ready to go out into the world now.

On seeing faeries – a painter’s perspective

Since 2016 Beth has focused on painting the power of the sacred feminine in nature with her Nature Goddess Paintings. This painting was a prequel of what was to come, and the first time she intentionally sat down to paint as a pagan intuitive and seer of faeries.

With the intention of connecting with the energy of the moon, this intuitive work of art was begun on a Monday, or Moon Day if you prefer. Using her brush as a magic wand, the shape of the faerie emerged from the oil paint. Astrology links colors to different days of the week, with silver and purple both being colors associated with Moon Day. Using a limited palette of purple and white, this Faerie brings the power of the waxing moon and dances with joy across the heavens.

It’s all in the details

This is an oil painting on an 11 x 14 inch hardboard panel, and has been varnished and is ready for framing. Crowned as a Queen, this faerie carries a staff bedecked with ribbons. Her wings take shape behind her while her gown flows and flutters as she leaps across the sky. Between this world and the next, the waxing moon to the full moon, her magic grows and flows.