Detours on The Artist's Path

Detours on The Artist's Path

The artistic journey is full of detours, it is rarely on a well worn path. It is an adventure in the truest sense of the word. This past year I have traversed through brambles and bogs, mountains and valleys, even to the gates of death; and have come back wounded and scarred but also with unexpected treasures.

This is why I have been silent for so long. My twin sister, Jane Hawkner, best friend since birth and creative dynamo passed away after a 6 1/2 year battle with Stage 4 breast cancer. I cared for her during home hospice, and helped her when she transitioned to a facility. I was with her when she passed on the evening of February 24th.

Beth and Jane

Surviving my twin is the most difficult thing I have ever done. We had her memorial on July 17th, one month after my first solo birthday. I am getting into therapy to care for my mental health, and have tremendous support from my boyfriend, family, and friends.

The First Treasure

The first treasure I came back with out of the valley came directly from Jane. Her art was wire wrapping natural crystals and gemstones, now it is mine. All of her tools, wires, and stones came over to my studio. At first it was a way to connect with my sister, it is a very meditative type of art that keeps me grounded and close to Mother Earth.

When I had done a batch of 50 wraps, I brought them into Eye of Horus to sell on consignment through the store. And they sold like hotcakes. I had to make more, and they just keep on selling. Now I am making my living by selling wire wrapped pendants and doing readings and reiki at Eye of Horus, fully self-employed coming out of the pandemic. Like I said, unexpected treasure.

The Second Treasure

The second unexpected treasure was being contacted by a cross-stitch designer out of Perth Australia, Unconventional Xstitch. They are now offering my nature goddess paintings as officially licensed cross stitch patterns and sell world wide through digital downloads.


The Adventure Continues

So the future of Harmony Goddess is very bright, and the Goddess does indeed love me and want me to be happy. A new collection is currently bubbling in my creative cauldron. To be the first to know and get in on the pre-launch discount code, sign up for my email list at the bottom of the page. You will get a 20% off discount code as soon as you sign up.