Making Magic with the Scorpio Full Moon

Making Magic with the Scorpio Full Moon

The Scorpio Full Moon is nearly upon us...

So what can we expect energetically here? This is what I’m asking myself as I reset my altar for this moon to the next. Full moons are both about completion and building big energy. It’s a time for charging your crystals, tarot decks, and magical tools. 


How I view raising energy for any full moon, is creating my intention and sending it to my higher self, or High Priestess self, to carry it to the Goddess (God, Gods, Spirit, Universe, Higher Intelligence) to manifest my desire or something better. There are many ways to raise magical energy, my favorites being chanting, singing, and dancing in sacred space. For a Scorpio Full Moon, the more witchy the better. 

Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign, and is firmly rooted in the Spring season, which on the sun side of things is Taurus, which is a fixed earth sign. The moon is incredibly happy to be in Taurus which is ruled by the planet Venus in Tropical Astrology. As for the Tarot, The Empress is the card that represents both these energies here. This is the time that the great Creatrix plants seeds for spring. Demeter and Aphrodite both are present here, as well as Blodeuwedd in Welsh based traditions such as the Sisterhood of Avalon

This is the time of the Sacred Feminine coming into her own power. The Sovereignty of women is manifesting over their bodies, the land, and the changing tides of family and community. This is magic of home, garden, security and relationships. Relationships and romance, money and finance, creativity of all kinds are well served by this Full Moon Energy. 

But how do you choose where to put your energy? Listen to your heart for what to focus on, and trust the Goddess to weave it into the tapestry of the Universe. Every thread matters, and every note of your song finds resonance in earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. Have faith in your faith and ask yourself “What is the best thing that can possibly happen?” and you will find your answer.

This super witchy full moon in Scorpio will wane over the next two weeks, dropping seeds formed by your magic into your life and the world around you. As the moon becomes a crescent in her Crone manifestation, this is a time to reflect on what you have sown and seek wisdom going forward. As the moon waxes in Taurus season we are reminded of all we celebrate during the first part of the month of May.

Beginning with sunset on April 30th and ending with Sunset on May 1st, the Celtic countries have Beltane which is also known in England and elsewhere as May Day. Also, Mother’s Day happens the 2nd Sunday of May and is often the beginning of Spring planting for gardeners here in Minnesota, weather permitting.

Some stones that I recommend working with during this time are Moonstone, Bloodstone, and Rose Quartz. It is also the perfect time to connect with plant allies such as calendula, vetiver, and chamomile.

Blessings to you on this full moon! You can always join the Harmony Goddess Circle for news, insights, and a discount code for readings and more! Click here to join now!
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