Meditating on the Four Elements

Meditating on the Four Elements

Meditation is magic.  During meditation, we use our brains differently, creating new pathways. These pathways can be scientifically monitored and recorded by modern medical technology, and many studies have been done to document the neurology of meditation. People who meditate regularly for a year or more actually change their neural pathways in conformity with their will or intention.

To begin – sit in a comfortable position in a chair where your feet can be on the ground and you have back support. If you are flexible sitting cross-legged on a pillow or cushion on the floor, feel free to do so. Place your palms downward on your legs or your knees. Take a slow deep breath until you feel your rib cage and your diaphragm expand. Hold your breath for 1 count, then exhale. Hold your breath for 1 count, then inhale. Repeat 4 times, once for each element. Continue to breathe normally, but deeply.

Now, using your mind, the power of air, focus your attention on your bellybutton. Imagine a small, white ball of light there. Move it midway between your spine and your bellybutton in your mind, and down about 2 finger widths, between 1 -2 inches for most people. This is your energy center for your body, mind, and spirit. This is called Centering or finding your center.

Next using your emotion, the power of Water, expand the size of the light until it reaches up and around your heart. Feel the love you have for life, nature, music or dance. Anything that brings you joy.  Using the focus of your mind, and this feeling of joy, expand the ball of white light until it surrounds your body from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. How you visualize this is up to you, a white mist, a cotton ball, a cloud, a sparkling field of energy, those are a few suggestions. You may come up with an image of your own.

Keep this full circle of light going, focus your will, the power of fire. Return your attention to the center just below and behind your bellybutton. Imagine this as a strong core, with a cord extending out the bottom through your tailbone past your feet, through the floor and into Mother Earth. Your center is connected to her center. Your energy draws on her energy, just as a babe in the womb received nourishment from its mother, so too do all living things receive life energy from Mother Earth. This is called Grounding.

Take a few moments to review you've done, the core center, the white light field, and the cord to the center of the earth. This is the energy of earth, and you have manifested a connection with the elements. Now imagine that the outer rim forms a bright blue light, a shield that nothing can penetrate. It surrounds your white light field and your cord as you connect with mother earth. Some people picture a colored glowing egg shell, or a science fiction force-field, others a tightly woven fabric that nothing can penetrate, or a blue liquid that causes anything it contacts to slide away. Use your will to intend that it be impenetrable, that no means of trickery or guile can get past. This is your Magical Shield.

Practice this daily until you become more and more comfortable with each part of this meditation. Sometimes it takes a long time until the different elements become clear in your mind, or you really begin to feel them on a heart level.

It may help you to describe everything out loud, this brings the Fire power of action together with the Earth power of manifesting. You may choose to write a child's poem, or draw a picture in your journal. You can use each word as a mantra while you work: repeating “center, center, center” as you visualize your center and “ground, ground, ground” as you send your cord to Mother Earth, and “shield, shield, shield” as you strengthen and visualize this shield. Whether you are vocalizing or not, once you feel a secure shield in place say “As I will, so mote it I will, so mote it I will, so mote it be.”

Now, when you are asked to center and ground in preparation for a ritual you will know what is required. In large open circles, its a good idea to shield as well, as not everyone is trained or able to deal with the energy you raise.

Always center, ground, and shield prior to beginning any meditation, energy healing, or magical work. It is also useful to do prior to an interview, speaking engagement, or stage performance. Over time this becomes as natural as breathing. Living a centered, grounded, and shielded life is essential to maintaining your health and well being as a magical person. Some days it is easy, some days it is hard. Living a magical life is a daily practice, but the result will be living an extraordinary life, in harmony with Mother Earth and your fellow human beings, magical and otherwise.

Have an enchanting day. Blessed Be!

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