Air Mother Altar Goddess Print

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Available in Two Sizes:
- 5" x 7" print with a 7" x 9" archival pop-up cardboard easel
- 8" x 10 " print with a 10" x 12" archival pop-up cardboard easel

- Printed on Kodak Supra Endura Professional archival paper
- Easel is heavy weight black paper with a linen weave finish and gold foil detail
- Hand signed by visionary artist Beth Hansen

You've heard the call of the magical element of air, as the wind whispers softly to you through the leaves.  Your mystical studies reveal their true meanings, and your library of hidden truths expands to include your own works. Now you are almost ready to set up your alter and call to Her, but there's one element missing.

She is standing upon a mountain peak gathering a powerful magical wind. An elemental child of air flies before Her, shimmering with enchantment. Ready for display in her pop-up cardboard frame, this Harmony Goddess Air Mother Altar print draws down all the knowledge from the metaphysical realms. This is a fine art photographic reproduction from an original watercolor painting by visionary artist Beth Hansen. Resplendent in shades of lavender, blues and white this print is the final element you need for your magic.

Are you seeking the wisdom and lore of the natural world? Let your insight be your guide as you create a space to honor this sacred knowledge. Get ready to make room on your altar for the Air Mother Goddess to bless all of your spell work with real world results. Elegantly framed in archival black card stock with golden foil accent, this print is the final key to completing the perfect altar of air.