Air Mother Goddess Necklace

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Size: Goddess Cameo is 2" tall and 1" wide and you have a choice of

  • a 24" silver plated chain or
  • a double ribbon cord that's adjustable from 18 to 20 inches.

Material: Glass, miniature art print on paper, micro-pearl glitter, glaze, silver plated bezel

You've donned your favorite flowing dress and comfortable sandals, styled your hair into natural cascading waves - almost ready to gather with your sisters to dance and sing together. Yet there is still something missing.

One accessory carries the power of air to all that you encounter. Glittering under glass with details in lavender and white, the Air Mother Goddess Necklace by Harmony Goddess is a symbol of sacred flow - the perfect way to express your intention as a seeker of wisdom and priestess.

Are you ready to take a break from daily noise of constant media? Break free from the mundane and celebrate your love of poetry and lore with this talisman from Harmony Goddess. This mother of air draws down the power of the wind, while standing at the pinnacle of the world.

Shining with pearlescent glitter, it's a touch of magic to celebrate your thirst for wisdom. This empowering pendant cameo has been lovingly crafted by Beth from a miniature art print of her original painting of the Air Mother. Mounted in a silver plated bezel under a crystal clear glass cabochon, it has the perfect amount of sparkle and shine to enhance your magical nature.