Earth Mother Altar Goddess Print

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Available in Two Sizes:
- 5" x 7" print with a 7" x 9" archival pop-up cardboard easel
- 8" x 10 " print with a 10" x 12" archival pop-up cardboard easel

- Printed on Kodak Supra Endura Professional archival paper
- Easel is heavy weight black paper with a linen weave finish and gold foil detail
- Hand signed by visionary artist Beth Hansen

You feel the strength of the earth under your feet, as you center and ground your energy. The familiar sensation of calm balance fills you and extends to everything you can see and touch. That deep root to the Earth Mother is there, and now you are ready to manifest your vision of Her.

She is sitting in an oak grove in the height of summer. An elemental child of earth dances before Her, spreading sparks of magic. Ready for display in her pop-up cardboard frame, this Harmony Goddess Earth Mother Altar print celebrates the abundance of magic in the mundane world.

This is a fine art photographic reproduction from an original watercolor painting by visionary artist Beth Hansen. Resplendent in shades of green, earthy grays and browns this print is the perfect representation of the Earth Mother, pregnant with possibilities.

Are you ready to manifest your intentions today? Let your connection to the element of earth power your magic. Get ready to make room on your altar for the Earth Mother Goddess to bless all of your rituals and spells. Elegantly framed in archival black card stock with golden foil accent, this print unlocks the power of manifestation.