Faerie of Insight Fine Art Print – gothic fairy art

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Hold the Key to

Let this good gothic faerie be your guide

Discover the truth of the fairy seer -  Her wings are outstretched and she floats within the eye of a storm, and yet she is grounded and centered. The Faerie of Insight holds obsidian in her hands, a stone of scrying and of truth.

Fine Art Photographic Print

  • From an original oil painting by Beth Hansen

  • Each print is Hand signed by the artist

  • Printed on Kodak Supra Endura Professional matte archival paper

  • Print size is 11" x 14" with a 1/4" white border

  • Comes in an 11" x 14" fine art presentation folder

  • Folder is heavy weight Black paper with a linen weave finish

**Frame is Not included**

In the darkness there is light

The obsidian is the key to uncovering the sight that lies within your shadow. Drawn to her beauty, your soul cries out to reveal the truth…you are magical. Your strength reveals itself as you look deep into your shadow self. Let your light shine out and spark the vision of your path, the first step to a new and more intuitive way of being. Don’t be afraid of the deep work, for you are laying a foundation for yourself to build upon.

Hold firm to the truth and you will weather any storm, in fact you will be propelled by it into a more powerful life. Your power comes from within, you control it, and your vision guides you.

Living a magical life

Walk fearlessly between the worlds

Second sight is a gift associated with the Fae. By embracing and working with this gift, it becomes easier and more natural to see the blessings of the Good People in your dreams and the life you create with them.  The Faerie of Insight weaves her spell with her sisters the Faerie of the Green and the Faerie of the Moonlight, and together they harness the power of three to form The Faerie Magic Collection.