Faerie of the Green pagan fantasy art print

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Leap Into

Welcome the Good People into your home

Fine Art Photographic Print

  • From an original oil painting by Beth Hansen

  • Each print is Hand signed by the artist

  • Printed on Kodak Supra Endura Professional matte archival paper

  • Print size is 11" x 14" with a 1/4" white border

  • Comes in an 11" x 14" fine art presentation folder

  • Folder is heavy weight Black paper with a linen weave finish

**Frame is Not included**

Here is Your Window into the Green World of the Fae

Are you ready to create a portal in your home to welcome Her? Empowered by the magic of an eternal spring, you will be blessed and your magic will grow like a lush garden. Did your heart jump for joy just now? It’s exciting to take action and be the witch you were meant to be. Go ahead and smile, even giggle just a little, when you place Her on your wall. Expect your eyes to twinkle next time you see a new leaf unfold, because you’ll feel its essence in your heart.

Be Enchanted by the fantasy of fairy art

Create your own door to Faerie

Take the next step to weaving the magical path by connecting and grounding with Mother Earth. Let Her fill you until it overflows and cleanses you, taking all your negativity away and washing it back down into the Earth. Now that you are connected to the Great Mother, it’s safe to open the door to Otherworld. The gifts they offer are many and are to be treasured. Your Good Neighbors on the other side of the veil are waiting.

Feel the magic of the Greenwood

If you’ve read this far it means you have heard the call of the Land of the Fae. Don’t be surprised if this initial spark inspires you to follow a new and more mystical path. Remember the feeling of joy this energy creates in your heart. But when you do, know that you have created room in your life to live your dream.  Crafting her magic with her sisters the Faerie of Insight and the Faerie of the Moonlight, they harness the power of three to form The Faerie Magic Collection.