River Goddess Altar Print

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- 5" x 7" print with a 7" x 9" archival pop-up cardboard easel

- Printed on Kodak Supra Endura Professional archival paper
- Easel is heavy weight black paper with a linen weave finish and gold foil detail
- Hand signed by visionary artist Beth Hansen

Upon your altar you have placed the symbols of water, a dish of sea salt, a cup filled with water and perhaps a river rock - everything is prepared for your water ritual. But, there's still something missing, a symbol of the River Goddess.

She is one with the rippling motion of the water, arms held high, Her hair streaming behind her. The River Goddess flows with blues and greens, with a saphire at her center which spirals out with tranquil energy for the world. Ready for display in her pop-up cardboard frame, this River Goddess Altar print from Harmony Goddess ripples with emanations of gentle joy.

This is a fine art photographic print from an original watercolor painting by visionary artist Beth Hansen. Overflowing with cool healing vibrations, the River Goddess transmits love to all water witches. Beth blesses each print on her altar with reiki and goddess energy before shipping.

Are you ready to join the flowing stream of magic? Let your empathy be your guide as you feel the shimmering water cascade over you and through your spirit. By creating space on your altar, you allow the River Goddess to bless you and all your sacred workings. Elegantly framed in archival black card stock with golden foil accent, this print is the centerpiece that completes your altar for water ritual.