Moon Goddess Altar Print

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- 5" x 7" print with a 7" x 9" archival pop-up cardboard easel

- Printed on Kodak Supra Endura Professional archival paper
- Easel is heavy weight black paper with a linen weave finish and gold foil detail
- Hand signed by visionary artist Beth Hansen

You've put on your ritual robes and your sacred jewelry, cleansed your altar and gathered your offerings - almost ready for your full moon ritual, the witches esbat. But, there's still something missing.

She stands in the deep blue night sky with arms held up, as the lunar magic descends in rings around her. Her body is the silvery white of the moon, in her hair is a hint of lavender magic, the Moon Goddess Altar print comes in a black pop-up frame with gold accents. Get ready to draw down the moon and make your magic! 

This is a fine art photographic print from an original watercolor painting by visionary artist Beth Hansen. Surrounded by glittering stars, the Moon Goddess draws down the energy into her priestess on earth. Beth blesses each print on her altar with reiki and goddess energy before sending it out to your home.

Are you ready to embody the Moon Goddess tonight? Set your sacred space up right for your next pagan ritual to draw down the moon and hear Her message. Elegantly framed in archival black card stock with golden foil accent, this stunning print is the focal point for your magical shrine to the moon.